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About Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Tactile ground surface indicators - a key approach to improve accessibility for persons with visual impairments.

Under the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)'s Code on Accessibility 2013, the needs of persons with disabilities remain the primary focus. To aid persons with visual impairments in finding their way, the Code requires the use of Braille and tactile information at strategic locations in buildings such as staircases and public toilets.

Click here for more details on tactile tile ground surface indicators and the application guidelines.

Information referenced from BCA accessibility code 2013 on homogeneous (ceramic) tactile tile and stainless steel ground surface indicator here. Our tactile ground surface indicators are all compliant with the BCA's and Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s latest requirements.

Nutura Tactile Indicator


Nutura stainless steel tactiles, typically installed indoors in MRT stations and shopping centres. 

Nutura homogeneous (ceramic) tactiles tile, typically installed outdoors in public areas.


Tactile ground surface indicators come in 2 main material - stainless steel and homogenous (ceramic)

We are a wholesaler and supplier of homogeneous (ceramic) tactile tile and stainless steel tactile ground surface indicators. Contact us today for the best rates.

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