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Details and Application Guideline on Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

Information referenced from BCA accessibility code 2013 on homogeneous (ceramic) and stainless steel ground surface indicator tactile here.

Tactile ground surface indicators have a specific function and impart specific information about the immediate surroundings.

Tactile ground surface indicators act as and are interpreted as, landmarks. There are two types of tactile ground surface indicators:

  • Warning indicators

  • Directional indicators


Warning indicator

Directional indicator


Warning Indicators

Warning indicators, as the name suggests, warn of either a hazard or a destination. For example, a warning indicator near the edge of a staircase landing warns of the edge of the landing which otherwise would pose a significant hazard to a pedestrian with low vision. As the person approaches the edge, the tactile warning treatment will be identified either by the white cane or under foot thus warning of an impending drop to the staircase.

Click here for BCA and LTA standard dimensions for warning indicators. 

Warning treatment may be required at:

  • hazardous locations, such as steps, stairs, railway platforms, pedestrian crossings and wharves; and

  • destinations to provide information about the location of amenities such as ticketing machines, phone booths and the like.

Directional Indicators

Directional indicators are used to direct the user from one point to another along a safe path of travel. They are only required when there are insufficient cues from other sources to achieve the same result. For example, a directional indicator may be used in an open pedestrian plaza to indicate a clear path of travel in the absence of any other cues.

Click here for BCA and LTA standard dimensions for directional indicators. 

Directional treatment may be required to assist with:

  • direction, that is, to indicate a clear continuous accessible path of travel; and

  • location, that is, to provide assistance to locate a target such as a pedestrian crossing, entrance to a public building, ticketing machine or phone booth.

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