Homogeneous (Ceramic) Tactile Indicator

For an inclusive urban landscape

Our homogeneous (ceramic) tactile tile surface indicators have been installed in numerous public facilities to aid the visually impaired pedestrian in moving around, making it easier and safer for them.

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Highest Quality Guaranteed

All of our homogenous (ceramic) tactile tile ground surface indicators has been thoroughly and routinely certified* to meet stringent specifications and international standards, ensuring its durability and suitability for outdoor usage.  


Certified suitable for outdoors pedestrian usage.




Luminous factor >30%




High Moh's scratch hardness and strong resistance to deep abrasion.

*Testing and certification carried out in accredited test labs in Singapore, and tactile tiles are designed to meet the requirements by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. 


Range of Colour and Sizes

Ships in a range of colours and sizes to meet your needs.


Pale Yellow

Jet Black


1) 300 x 300 x 17 mm

2) 300 x 300 x 15 mm

The two most commonly used sizes are:

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Fit for


Homogeneous ground surface tactile tile indicators are usually installed outdoors on pavements, pedestrian walkways, bus-stops, overhead bridges, ramp and bicycle paths. 

STOP TACTILE tile with their raised dot profile indicate potential hazards


Also known as stud or warning indicator

DIRECTIONAL TACTILE tiles with their raised elongated strip profile  indicate the direction of travel. The strips are felt underfoot and further information can be gained by cane users

View the detailed dimension drawings here.

View the detailed dimension drawings here.

We export our homogeneous tactile tile over the world, including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Australia, and the US, and can do drop shipping as well (for sufficiently large orders). Contact us for our wholesale rates.

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