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Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

StainlessSteel Tactiles

These indicators are largely installed indoors in public facilities to guide and aid visually impaired persons in moving around, making it easier and safer for them.  

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Key Features

Our stainless steel tactiles are designed to meet the requirements by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore

Anti-rust and corrosion

Crafted from grade SS316 stainless steel, our stainless steel tactiles are engineered to be rust-proof with excellent strength and high resistance to pitting and corrosion.

High Luminance

To ensure high visibility, each stainless steel tactile is specially treated and finished to provide a minimum luminance contrast of 30%.


Slip Resistance

To provide excellent slip resistance under various surface conditions, we carefully machine the top surface of each stainless steel tactile to possess a matrix of 2mm diamond shaped protrusions.



Stainless Steel Tactiles comes in two main sizes:



Circular Stud

(35mm Diameter)

 Also known as a decision tactile indicator, a cluster of circular stud tactiles indicates potential hazards, directional changes or proximity to lift or escalotor ingress.

Elongated Strip

 Also known as a directional tactile indicator, parallel rows of elongated strip tactiles provide guidance on the direction to be taken.

View the detailed dimension drawings here.

View the detailed dimension drawings here.

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