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SS316 Stainless Steel Circular Stud Tactile Indicator


Stainless steel tactile indicators are largely installed indoors to guide and aid visually impaired persons in moving around, making it easier and safer for them.


Also known as 'stop', 'decision' or 'warning' tactile indicator, a cluster of circular stud tactiles indicates potential hazards, directional changes or proximity to lift or escalotor ingress.


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Stainless Steel SS316 Circular Stud Tactile Indicator

  • Size

         Circular Stud of 35mm Diameter


         Refer to detailed dimensions here

  • Product feature

    Designed to meet the requirements by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. 

    • Crafted from marine grade SS316 Stainless steel to provide anti-rust and high resistance to pitting and corrosion
    • Finished to ensure high luminance
    • Machined with top surface with diamond matrix to provide excellent slip resistance 
  • Compliance

         Our Stainless Steel Tactile indicators are compliant to Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Building and Construction Authority (BCA) specifications.

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